Tutor (2011-present)

  • Assist students with understanding their class material in the subjects of Visual Arts (Web & Graphic Design), Spanish, and Computer Technology.
  • Design promotional materials including flyers, conference poster, & videos for the Academic Coaching & Tutoring Department.

Business Owner (2001-present)

  • Manage day-to-day operations & record-keeping for: Artistik Dreamlife LLC & Design Studio, Be @ Peace Products, Inner Children LLC, Angel Dolfyn Massage, Zenergy Hemp LLC, 3Cats Enterprise LLC, & Team Be@Peace Non-profit
  • Design and maintain WordPress websites in addition to promotional materials for social media marketing for each company
  • Organize sports events for Team Be@Peace throughout the year

Interpreter (2003-2015)

  • Provide Spanish/English interpreting services for Greer Mental Health patient

Massage Therapist (2000-present)

  • Provide therapeutic massage clients. Designed a client record-keeping database

Computer Programmer Analyst (1985-2002)

  • Provide analysis, design, implementation and documentation of various systems and platforms & support for computer systems related to manufacturing, banking, accounting, payroll, & data warehousing