Adobe Photoshop

  • Masking & Layers, Colorizing, Photo Restoration, Image Slicing & Optimization, Digital Illustration

Adobe Illustrator

  • Logo Design, Page Layout, Press Quality Artwork, Corporate Packages, Font Creation

Adobe InDesign

  • Page Layout, Paragraph Styles, Import Text & Images, PDF Preflight, Pre-press Setup

Web Design/Development & Content Management

  • Web Generation with Dreamweaver, HTML& CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress & Joomla CMS

MS Office 365

  • Word Processing, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Page Layout, DB Design, Project Management

Output Production

  • Color Management, Duotone, CMYK, Spot & Process Color

Computer Programmer/Analyst

  • Legacy Programmer in Compaq Vax and Mainframes.
    Languages include: Cobol, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, Macro Assembler, DBOL (DB Oriented Language/Macro Assembler), and C Language (C, C ). Proficient in various mainframe operating systems and editors.